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Cavedweller, New York Times Review
By Kate Moira Ryan, based on the novel by Dorothy Allison. Directed by Michael Greif
New York Times
THEATER REVIEW; The Power of Sisterhood in the Rural South
Link to the full review:
Cavedweller Review NYT

"The best reason to see ''Cavedweller,'' though, is the three young actresses who play Delia's daughters. Jenny Maguire has just the right level of tempestuous foolhardiness as Dede, the renegade bad girl who is bound to get into trouble (and does)....The portrayal of teenagers onstage is a perpetual problem in the theater. Generally, when played by adult actors, the characters end up being pandered-to and unbearably childish, or overestimated and too close to grown-up. To find these three young actresses calibrating their performances so wisely here is a surprise and a treat."

Acts of Mercy-New York Times Review
By Michael John Garces, Directed by Gia Forakis
Rattlestick Theatre
Good Deeds, of a Sort, Toward Forgiveness

"Kathleen, a pole dancer who befriends him when he is beaten up after a night at a strip club....Jenny Maguire...engaging performance"

Blue Before Morning-New York Times Review
By Kate McGovern, Directed by Gia Forakis
terraNova Collective-DR2
Link to full review:
BBM Review NYT

"There are nice performances all around in this production by the terraNova Collective. Ella (Jenny Maguire), who turns out not to be the most gracious hitchhiker, reveals some serious conflicts in the flashbacks with her unexpectedly complex boyfriend"