Jenny Maguire


I recently booked three great VO gigs~check out the recent work file on the VO page to hear some samples:
*Spoken Adventure's Desperate Romantics App where I voiced 2 Lead Roles (Officer Sykes & Eva) & 6 character parts, clients response: "I just gave a listen!!!! You did a stellar job. I am honestly blown away. You have an amazing voice and managed to bring great nuance to all the characters, even the small ones. I am beyond thrilled."
*Shiver Games Lucius III where I voiced Cheryl Williams & Drew McGuffin ~ check out the cool trailer:
*BingoBlitz~Voicing their Valentines Day Bingo Call Outs ~

*Had a ridiculously good time creating my character demo reel with Byrant Falk & Bruce Kronenberg @ ABACUS ENTERTAINMENT NYC, check it out on my VO page. Byrant has a very unique skill of improving, scripting & bringing it all together in the moment~it was a fun, hilarious & inspiring back & forth creative VO tennis match. I could live in the sound booth.

*After months of studying Voiceover with the amazing Anne Ganguzza of VO Peeps, my shiny new commercial demo is ready & posted here, click on the VO tab to enjoy! 
Bonus~two fun little Holly Hunter sound alike demos~Anne & I stumbled upon my sound alike talent during a session & had a lot of fun & laughs doing commercial copy in her voice, so we decided, why not make a sound alike demo....anyone need a Holly Hunteresque voice over, I'm your gal....

*Amazingly Great News! The fiercely Independent female driven film STUCK (Consulting Producer/Mimi) directed by the very brave and talented Jenni Tooley (Boyhood), screened as a work-in-progress at Dallas VideoFest’s Alternative Fiction Fest. We received lots of positive feedback & some exciting press. Final touches were made & we are now submitting to a range of fantastic festivals!!! Check out the links below for all the latest STUCK news. Can't wait to watch & share on the big screen~

Links to learn more about STUCK: on IMDb - on Facebook - on Website

*I am back on the East Coast, living in the beautiful Beacon, New York & available for auditions & work! Can't wait to reconnect with my creative community~it's been too long...