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Since 1994, have performed as a professional New York based actor in theatre, television and film.  In 2004, became a founding partner of the production company Living the 6, LLC, and has spent the last several years developing skills as a producer and independent filmmaker. In 2011, launched Jenny Maguire Creative as a way to promote and cultivate my creative skills as an actor, producer, filmmaker & advisor.


*Creative producing with established and first time directors; facilitating the creative to the practical from script development, pre-production, production and post-production
*Casting; using my resources and relationships as an actor to provide first-rate talent to projects
*On line producing; creating initial budgets and keeping track of all expenses and accounting 
*Fundraising initial investment and continuation funds from private investors/patrons of the arts
*Production management; assembling the creative/practical team, negotiating with facilities for equipment, creating scheduling, running the set
*Post-production supervising; overseeing all technical/creative/business elements to achieve a finished master
*Facilitate via programmer the upkeep of information and design for website, electronic PR kit and facebook page.
*Facilitating festival submissions, promotional material, deliverables
*Outreach coordinator with the National Tay-Sachs & Allied Diseases Association and spearhead creator/organizer of a Community Screening Campaign.
*Researched, hired and worked with international production companies in Tokyo and Dubai to facilitate documentary style shoot


21 BELOW Shot in Buffalo/Upstate, NY 2004-Present
(Director/Creator Samantha Buck, Producer/Creator, Sophia Raab Downs, Executive Producers Ryan Harrington, Cactus Three & Indiepix, Editors Frank Reynolds/Jenny Golden)
*Producer/Creator (DVCPro/DVX100A) 91 min. Documentary feature film; set in Buffalo, NY, a vОritО style portrait of an American family
*2007 IFP Market, Sarasota Film Festival (World Premiere), Hot Docs (International Premiere), Newport International Film Festival, SILVERDOCS, Galway Film Fleadh (European Premiere), Sheffield Doc/Fest, Helsinki/DOCPOINT, Perm, Russia/X International Documentary Film Festival "Flahertiana", Women's Film Festival, Tribeca Cinemas Monday night Doc Series; UK Television Premiere by Channel 4 (More4) & Isreali TV Premiere YES-DBS

Somewhere in the MiddleShot in Long Island 2008
(Director/Writer/Producer Matthew Chappina, Producer Jenni Tooley)
*Producer (16mm) Short film that captures a moment in time where the night is slipping away and the morning is slowly coming too soon and nothing we wish for can change the reality of today
*SXSW Reel Women's Shorts Showcase

Break Shot in Long Island 2008
(Director Keith Onacle, Producer Jenni Tooley)                                               
*Associate Producer (HD) Short film illuminating the realities of post partum depression in a Texan preacher’s wife
*Premiere: Long Island Festival (Best Dramatic Short)
*Dark River Film Festival (Choice Award)
*Heart of England Film Festival (Nomination - Best Short USA)
*Official Selection:
Cannes Independent Film Festival (France), Kerry Film Festival (Ireland), Connecticut Film Festival, Westchester Film Festival (Pennsylvania), Buffalo Niagara Film Festival, Long Island Film Expo

Fortune 100 Company Docushorts Shot in Boston, Tokyo, Dubai 2010
(Creative Director/Writer Carolyn Swartz, Producer Fred Helm)
*Associate Producer (HD) Documentary style shorts created to promote and foster international job placement opportunities
*Completed and being used for in house promotions and education

Thousandberries Rehab Shot in Manhattan/Riverside Church 2008
(EP/Director Waldemar Korzeniowsky, EP/Writer Carolyn Swartz, Producer Fred Helm)
*Producer (HD) In house promotional short film that spoofs peoples growing addiction to Blackberries
*Completed and being used for in house advertising and conferences

Hater Soho Think Tank's Obie Award Winning Ice Factory Festival 2010
(Director/Translator Samuel Buggeln, Executive Producer Ryan Bogner)
*Creative Producer (Play) A cool, sexy, funny, hip new translation of Moliere's Misanthrope 
*Garned rave reviews and celebrated a four night sold out run

Color Me Gone Creative Development Present
(Writer Bruce Kronenberg)
*Creative Producer (Play) Unforgettable cast of characters, set in 1975 in a NYC Hell's Kitchen saloon, The Iceman Cometh meets a Grindhouse horror movie 
*New York Workshops Usual Suspect Reading Series, several "in house" development readings, official selection Rattlestick's Good Plays Fest/Summer 2011

Levels of the Game Creative Development Present
(Writer/Director Tom Butler)
*Creative Producer (Play) Adapted from John Macphee's book Levels of the Game about the 1968 US Open Men's Semifinal between Arthur Ashe and Clark Graebner
*Play and first "in house" reading recently completed

Before It's Too Late Creative Development/Pre-Production Present
(Director/Producer Jenny Maguire)
*Documentary with a mission to collect the stories of childhood, family, courtship, marriage and immigration remembered and retold by my Irish father, his one surviving brother and three sisters, the Maguire's Irish Tales
*Interview shoot planned for April


Swiss Effects New York, NY 2002-2004
(Digital video-to-film transfer company based in Switzerland)
*Personal assistant/office manager to Swiss Effect’s NY representative, Jerome Poynton
*Re-organized and set up office system including finances, Microsoft Money
*Assisted educating filmmakers on the emerging technology of digital video and the creative possibilities of the 35mm transfer process
*Facilitated day-to-day operations between company and filmmakers

Laurie Raab New York, NY 2008-Present
(Freelance Professional Prop Stylist)
*Sylist assistant to Ms. Raab on magazine photo shoots.  
*Duties include creative/practical prep-work, shopping/returning rented and bought props, organizing, unpacking and repacking all items utilized on shoot, anticipating her creative and practical needs to ensure a successful and client satisfied shoot.

Radical Media Shot in New York/Charleston/Denver 2009
(Director Lenard Dorfman/Producer Natalie Bitnar)
*Production Assistant for a week of pre-production for a 3-city Honda commercial shoot. 
*Worked 14 -18 hour days in a highly demanding multi-tasking environment.
*Some tasks performed: facilitating communication and organization of casting decisions and last minute changes between client, production and casting agents: creating and up keeping excel data sheets for all flights and hotels for client/agency/production; create itineraries: organizing the office for daily function and easy production transport; on set production high energy honey wagon multi-tasking.


James Madison University, Bachelor of Arts in theatre/minor in dance, Summa Cum Laude; James Madison University Semester in London Program; Warren County High School, Valedictorian; various scholarships received


"21 BELOW gets straight to the heart of one American family and, in the process, tears your own heart out. This is one of those rare and masterful pieces of work it's impossible just to sit back and watch. From the first you experience it raw. You are part of this family. It's like a Raymond Carver story on camera.. For anyone it would be an exceptional piece of work. As a first film it's astonishing."

Jay Cocks
two-time Oscar nominated screenwriter 
and former film and music critic for Time

"Last Sunday, producer Jenny Maguire came to the Jewish Center of Princeton for a screening of 21 Below.  The audience was totally absorbed and very moved by the documentary.  During the Q&A that followed, the discussion covered a wide range of topics, such as Tay-Sachs Disease, teen pregnancy, “enabling” by a parent, family dynamics, middle class vs. lower class culture, etc.  Jenny answered questions thoroughly and with great sensitivity.  She provided lots of background into the filming of the documentary and the family of the film.  The audience was reluctant to leave and continued to speak in small groups about the many issues that were touched upon in the film and about their own related experiences. It was an amazing and wonderful experience."

 Deborah Marin, Jewish Center of Princeton

Jenny MaguireJenny MaguireJenny MaguireJenny Maguire